Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and resistance to Russian aggression.

    Dear users of the JET.UA scooter rental service, we sincerely thank you for being with us in this difficult time for our country!
    We would like to inform you that our company deeply condemns the aggression, terrorism and genocide of the Ukrainian people by Russia.
    Since the first day of the full-scale war, some employees have been defending our state in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and our company continues to work, pay taxes and provide jobs.
    One of the priority criteria of JET.UA activity is the assistance of the Armed Forces. Namely: already since February, the company has been purchasing and handing over the necessary items and equipment to the official representatives of the Armed Forces, Teroborona, and the National Guard.
    In the future, together with the relevant charitable and volunteer organizations, a group of deputies from "Servant of the People" established a system of assistance with drones, pickup trucks, thermal imagers, bulletproof vests and other things necessary to increase the defense capability of our country.
    Each of us has our own front. The military protects the country and us from evil, our duty with you is to raise the economy, work or provide jobs, thus creating conditions for inevitable victory over the enemy.
    Therefore, we assure you that everyone who used or is using our service, every employee who worked and is currently working in our team brings the Victory of Ukraine over the enemy closer!
    Below we will attach some of the letters of thanks to US WITH YOU, we do this WITH YOU and because of you.


 Military base А6175 - Gratitude.pdf


 Military base А7051 - Diploma.pdf


 Military base А1420-М - Gratitude.pdf


 Military base А2062 - Gratitude.pdf


 Military base 2161 - Gratitude.pdf


 Charity Fund "ПІДІЙМАЙСЯ, УКРАЇНО" - Gratitude.pdf


 Flag of Ukraine signed by Major General Budanov K.O. - Flag.jpg


 Flag of Ukraine signed by the General V.F. Zaluzhny - Flag.jpg